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Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Servings: 4-5

Time: 30-40mins


8 pieces / 500g of chicken (thighs and drumsticks work best)

1 Large Onion

1-2 Tomatoes roughly chopped

5 garlic cloves finely chopped

A thumb of ginger finely chopped

4tbs of coconut milk powder + 200ml of warm water

1 green chilli roughly chopped (optional)

1 packet of H&B Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Spice Mix

Vegetable Oil


Into a frying pan, drizzle some vegetable oil. Once the oil has heated, add the chopped onion, tomato, garlic and ginger. Fry on a medium-low flame until the onions have softened and the garlic is lightly browned.

Next add the spice mix and fry for a further 3-4 mins till the mixture is well cooked and the aroma of spices fill the kitchen.

Add a chopped green chilli for extra spice.

Into a separate bowl ad 4tbs of coconut milk and 200ml of warm water. Stir well and remove any lumps to make the coconut milk.

Into a large pot or skillet, add 3-4tbs of oil, then once heated, carefully place the chicken pieces into the pot.

Cutting the chicken into smaller chunks is optional. In Sri Lanka, we eat with our hands and serve the pieces whole. It is even considered food tastes better when eating with hands!

Then add the vegetable mix and coconut milk. Combine all the ingredients together. If needed add more water or coconut powder.

Leave to simmer until the chicken is cooked through and the gravy thickens to a desired consistency.

Add salt to taste.

This dish is best served with vegetable rice or any Asian flat bread (eg. naan, chapati, roti).


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Enjoy your meal and Thank you for visiting. Come again soon!

- Tanya

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