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About Us

A bit more about us..

My company was born over lockdown of 2019. I began to sell herbs and spices online. I also would make seasonings and mixes from scratch for favourite home meals such as a mixed herb and spice seasoning for roast potatoes or a fajita mix that could be used for different meats (chicken/lamb etc.).

This helped me develop and grow my Instagram page. By cooking many different recipes with the seasonings and exploring a new talent in food photography, I was able to show my followers how to properly make use of herbs and spices. Bottles and jars of seasonings that had been collected, forgotten and sitting in the pantry for months on end not knowing what seasoning would be best for enhancing the most flavours from their homecooked meals.

Being a nature girl at heart and after finishing my degree in Animal Science and Ecology at University, I was still unsure where my life was headed and tried to find a job that entailed anything that involved taking action to protect and preserve wildlife and the environment. I was unlucky with finding a job in UK even after going abroad for further work experience and volunteering at many animal reserves. I had pretty much given up. Then I just remember one day waking up and telling my Dad. “Why don’t I just do something myself?”.

Many years later of working at retail stores and receptionist roles, I had saved enough to start this new journey. My parents had bought and owned the shop premises as what used to be a cake shop 'Cortieil & Barratt' and even after closing their business in 2016, they kept the premises, and I was able to renovate it into what is now our zero waste  refill shop.


Our ethos is sustainable living. To me sustainability means balance. I feel like that whatever we take from this planet we should always give back too. Right now, we are far from that!

But regardless of how much change I can make alone or how much of the human race will change for the better, I cannot see myself going through this life having already done so much damage to the planet and continuing to be ungrateful for what it has provided me and the rest of the world. 

Meeting new people at the shop every day, I am teaching myself as well as educating others to understand why preserving the planet for ourselves, future generations, wildlife, ecosystems, nature... everything, is immensely important and that we should keep that balance of continuous growth between nature and mankind.

- Anne Frank

"How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world?" 

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