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Pesto Pasta Pepper Pukers (Made with Fresh Homemade Pasta)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Prep: 40mins | Cook: 10mins | Serves: 4


Fresh Spaghetti Pasta:

2 eggs

150g Double Zero Flour

50g Semolina Flour

Activated Charcoal


Peppers (adult version)

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped or crushed


4 Sweet Peppers

Basil Pesto Sauce:

2-3 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped or crushed

3- ounces of Basil washed with water still clinging onto the leaves

2tbs Pine Nuts

5 Walnuts

2tbs grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

2tbs grated Pecorino Romano cheese

Olive oil

Coarse sea salt



1. Mix together the eggs and activated charcoal in a blender for a few seconds as the eggs will foam.

2. Then add the mixture and flour together on a clean surface, a bowl or food processor.

Activated charcoal is typically made from bamboo and coconut shell.

I prefer to use charcoal instead of squid ink as it gives a prominent colour and it is neutral in flavour (no taste).

Note that there is no difference between making the dough by hand or using machines, it comes out exactly the same!

3. Knead well until you form a soft, smooth ball of dough. Keep in a well sealed container for at least half an hour or in the fridge overnight.

We used a pasta machine to make our spaghetti.

You can find many videos and tutorials on YouTube and online on how to use a pasta machine as well as how to make spaghetti without a machine.

There are also stores online where you can buy ready made black spaghetti.

4. Boil the spaghetti as usual (fresh pasta takes only 2 minutes!), drain the pasta while still reserving a cup of starch water.

5. Add a knob of butter and the garlic to the same pot you boiled the spaghetti, and let it melt whilst you add a couple pinches of each herb.

Before the butter burns, tip in the spaghetti back in and coat the noodles with the herbal butter.

Use the starch water if noodles are very sticky. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Basil Pesto Sauce:

1. Using a pestle and mortar, begin crushing the coarse salt and garlic cloves.

Then add both types of nuts and grind these till it forms into a chunky paste.

2. Add the leaves, a handful at a time and keep grinding till all the leaves are crushed finely.

3. Add both cheeses and work these into the mixture.

4. Continue grinding the basil mixture whilst slowly adding drizzles or tablespoons of olive oil at a time, forming an emulsified pesto sauce, adding more oil if needed.

I recommend you make the pesto whilst the dough has been left to rise to save you time.

You can mix in a blender but it is better made using a mortar and pestle as it gives a more silkier, luxurious texture and flavour.

Making it fun for kids:

1. Slice off the top of a sweet pepper leaving on the stalk.

2. Using a knife carefully carve a spooky face with a gapped mouth-shape hole (much like one you would see on carved Halloween pumpkins).

3. Once you have removed the seeds and membranes on the inside, fill up the pepper with the spaghetti noodles and using a toothpick gently pull out some of the noodles through the eyes, nose and mouth holes.

4. Taking a couple spoons of the pesto, place it in and around the mouth-shape hole, imitating a 'vomiting look'.

For the more matured folk:

1. Mix the spaghetti and pesto together.

2. Chop some sweet peppers (as much as required) and fry or grill for 5 minutes until slightly browned. Add salt and pepper, serve with the spaghetti.

If you require any herbs and spices, from any of our recipes, visit our shop for refills and plastic free packaged foods.

In addition you will receive a FREE eco-friendly, mystery gift on your first purchase!

Enjoy your meal.

I would appreciate it if you could like and leave any comments you have in mind.

Thank you for visiting. Happy Halloween!

- Tanya

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