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Korma Curry Paste


1 Large Onion (roughly chopped)

5 Garlic Cloves (peeled and chopped)

A Thumb of Ginger (peeled and chopped)

5tbs Desiccated Coconut0

55g Cashew Nuts (roughly chopped/crushed)

1tbs Sesame Seeds

1/4 cup of Tomato Puree

1tsp Salt

Seeds of 2 Green Cardamoms

1 1/2 Turmeric

Vegetable Oil


In a large frying pan, start by adding some oil and on a low-medium heat, fry the cumin and coriander and stir until aromas are released.

Add the onions then garlic and ginger and stir.

As the onions begin to sauté, add salt and the cashew nuts.

Then one by one add and mix in each spice; cardamom seeds, chilli powder, garam masala & turmeric

Stir for a minute before adding the sesame seeds, tomato puree and finish with desiccated coconut. Keep mixing and combine all the ingredients together until the onions have softened.

Transfer all the mixture to a blender and pour in 1/4cup of water and 1/4cup of vegetable oil. Blend until you get a smooth paste. Add more water if needed.

Store in a jar or separate into ice cube trays and leave in freezer.

Recipe for Chicken Korma CLICK HERE!

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