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Zero Waste Shop



Shop for groceries without plastic packaging to help cut down your plastic footprint and reduce waste globally.

We are a small zero waste shop based in Surrey, Epsom.

We exist to offer our community a plastic free alternative to their grocery shopping experience.

Our store encourages you to bring in your own containers from home. They can be anything from a glass jar, take away box or old spice jar and it doesn't have to be completely empty either.

However if you forget or don't have any, we will have paper bags and used containers washed and dried ready to use again.

Zero Waste shops allow you to buy as little or as much as you need, helping you to save waste and money too.

We have a wide range or foods and a great selection of homeware functional items, cosmetics and detergents.

The packaging we receive is either cardboard, paper or recycled plastic and buying in bulk means huge sizes of packaging instead of many small individual portioned bags resulting in less packaging material. All this packaging is either composted, reused as packaging or further recycled where possible.

We believe in a circular economy, supporting our local suppliers and other like-minded ethical small businesses, working together to make a difference.


◇ Reduce ◇ Reuse ◇ Refill ◇ Repeat ◇

Ginger Powder
Dried Parsley
Onion Powder
Dried Sage
Cayenne Pepper
Chia Seeds
Himalayan Pink Salt
Dried Lemongrass
Cardamom Pods
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